Untitled – Koivu (2)

This song has been translated into English, as it was originally in the Finnish language.  Translation by Antti Silvast.


Singer: Alina Vaittinen


1. In its first voyage from England
left a grand ship
All watched with amazement
as it was so impressive.

2. Made from iron and steel
it was an unparalleled ship,
and everybody thought,
that ocean’s might is towards it

3. Scientists and millionaires
embarked on a pleasure trip.
On the peer also immigrants
were leaving their goodbyes.

4. Children were separated from parents,
many wives were left to long,
many fiancées their husbands
to shore were left crying.

5. But they had hope,
that their close ones will come back,
that for the loved ones America
opens its money treasures.

6. The ship loosened from the wharf,
the machines were clanking oddly,
and the minds of the poor passengers
were filled with cheer.

7. Soon there was a strange omen,
when they left the harbor,
then the cables of another ship snapped,
but a collision was avoided.

8. The ship then sowed the sea,
slashed good speed.
Wanted to get a record,
that others could not match.

9. But the cold ocean stream
brings ice from the polar lands,
quite as big as icebergs
travelled to the ship’s fairway.

10. It was a beautiful, still night,
The stars were blinking in the sky,
and from the saloons of Titanic
one could hear dance’s stomp.

11. There rich, fine gentlemen
were tasting champagne.
And the ship’s men many
were smelling strong liquors.

12. The crowd was feasting fearless
like in a gazebo.
No-one could expect,
that death was lurking.

13. Then ship, the giant
crashes to an ice berg.
From the bow the middle
its steel walls tore apart.

14. The telegraph is already working,
the telegraphers tapping away.
Cry of help to all directions:
Titanic is sinking now.

15. The boats are lowered to the waters,
women, children to the boats,
but the extent of the danger
many do not know at the start.

16. Moaning, crying, wailing
fills the whole of the ship.
Many wives with their husbands
asks to get to die.

17. But wives are taken
violently to the boat.
Men are left with teary eyes,
forever torn apart.

18. Children were left from their fathers,
from husbands their wives away.
The amount of tears who
could ever try to judge.

19. Around, the nightly sky,
the gloomy ocean, the chilling ices,
below the sinking ship,
the most horrible you could see.

20. There many millionaires
promised big sums.
The death is the same, cruel
when you are in front of the Lord.

21. In the boats those who were rescued
are shivering cold.
When the morning comes, the Carpathia
reaches to first help.

Source: Asplund 1994, pp. 780-782.
Collector: Leena Koivu.
Year: 1967.

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