Untitled – Kortesalmi

This song has been translated into English, as it was originally in the Finnish language.  Translation by Antti Silvast.


1. The ship of death, the yacht of demise
the plowman of tears
was lowered to waves
with pride, perhaps.

2. Titanic, this pride name
bigger is its splendor,
biggest of sea’s plowers,
it was the king of ships.

3. Thick smoke clouds covered
the harbor of Southampton,
when the ship set off
to America’s journey.

4. Sparkling was brightly
in the light of evening sun,
as the giant left
behind its land darkness.

5. Songs were sung, music was echoing,
wine was flowing and intoxicating.
the young danced, the old drank,
in the ship’s jolly halls.

6. In the moving city,
in the paradise of people,
everyone sat with no worry
trusting the human might.

7. Manager Ismay is sitting
in his salon, thinking:
“Victory in the contest we
have to have, I swear.”

8. He rushed to meet the captain
said: “Full steam ahead!
Do not fear a record,
full steam ahead.”

9. When lord command, the slave
must do, what he tells.
Steam ahead, places were pounding,
they heard the ship fly.

10. “Slow down, for God’s sake”,
the telegraphs yell,
“We have gotten a wire,
telling: ices are loose.”

11. Ismay laughed to himself,
chuckled his hands.
“Full steam ahead, full steam ahead,
Captain, you idiot!”

12. Captain pushed the accelerator, ices came,
and the ship hit the ice.
The side was burst and flowed water,
and the ship started to sink.

(The song continues with a commentary by the singer followed by an anthem)

 Stars are the only helpers
Closer to my God, thee
closer, oh.

Still I sing on the shores
of Jordan.
Closer to my God, thee
closer, oh.

Source: Asplund 1994, pp. 772-775.
Collector: Juhani Kortesalmi.
Year: 1960.

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