Up the Shore (The Wreck of the C & A Brown)

Sung to the tune “I’se the Bye.”


He wasn’t the man who built the boat
He wasn’t the first to choose her
But one fine day up in the bay
He was the one to lose her.

Up the shore to Rocky Bay Point
Up the shore to C & A Brown
From Lumsden up to Carmanville
All around the vessel.

Beef and pork upon her deck
And none of it embargo
Right from a jeep to cotton gloves
She carried a general cargo.

They had to wait on Willis Tulk
Before a thing was started
And wreckers waited side by side
Until the hatches parted.

There never has been such a fuss
Not since the tower of Babel.
And whenever you went for tea you’d find
Milk tins without a label.

Now when it came to pancake day
Whatever you had for supper
Pancakes there were sure to be
Fried up in good wreck butter.

See those birds up in the air
Flying above her deck
They have their feathers done up in curls
With prom pins from the wreck.

From “Ladle Cove: M D Wellon and Her Folksongs” by Fred M West, no date, no course identified (24 typed pages) (MUNFLA 80-112).

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