Wreck of the Annie Roberts



O ye true born sons of Newfoundland, come listen unto me,
And hear of the Annie Roberts cut down when on the sea;
About two weeks ago today the Annie she did sail,
Only one man left left out of her crew to tell the mournful tale.

O the Annie Roberts Sydney left being on a Thursday night
With a crew of Newfoundlanders with spirits gay and bright;
Filled up with coal for Lamaline that evening she did sail
With her foresail and her mainsail reefed before a southwest gale.

She sailed along and all went well till on that fatal night
When a steamer called the Risenor/ Revenor / Rebinor her port light hove in sight;
Being on the Annie she bore down and terrified her crew
And with a crash the schooner’s side was quickly broke in two.

The commander of that iron ship have spun his vessel ’round
But no sign of those missing men was nowhere to be found;
Only one survivor from the wreck although he grabbed an oar –
Got rescued by the steamer’s crew and landed safe on shore.

O the commander of that iron ship have spun his vessel ’round
But no sign of the missing men could anywhere be found;
But one survivor from the wreck they carried him kind and well
And landed him at Sydney, the sad tale there to tell.

The blow is hard for those at home and those that’s left to mourn –
Their mothers, wives, and sweethearts do wait for their return;
They now sleeps in a watery grave, with loved ones left to weep
For those brave hearty fishermen is buried in the deep.

Lyrics from: http://www.wtv-zone.com/phyrst/audio/nfld/23/annie.htm 
Very similar lyrics are also to be found in MUNFLA 68-2H pp24-5.

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