Wreck of the Regulus



Sung by William Riley, Forteau, July 1960.


1.Ye hardy sons of Newfoundland, who fears no storm nor sea,
Hearken for a moment and attention give to me,
While I explain in anguish plain—it fills hearts with dismay—
‘Twas how the Regulus she was lost in Petty Harbour Bay.

2.Dey left dere homes with happy hearts and with a cheery smile;
They cast dere lines and got up steam and steamed from old Belle Isle.
As she drew up near Cape Race, it blew a heavy gale;
Her main shaft broke and left her disabled to the seas.

3.A word from de Cape was soon expressed and sent without delay
How some poor ship and mariners lie helpless in de bay.
The tug, John Green (Briggs?), soon got up steam and to the ship did go
And got on board a hawser de Regulus for to tow.

4.They towed her for about a mile, though wind and seas did roar,
But soon dat towline parted, and she drifted towards de shore.
While all on board did shout,
De port light of de Regulus did suddenly go out.

5.The tug, John Green, gave up de cruise and went to St. John’s town
To bring de news to de widows: de Regulus, she went down.
May God de ruler of de land and guardian of de sea,
Help dose poor orphan widows in sorrow for to weep.

Source: MacEdward Leach. Folk Ballads and Songs of the Lower Labrador Coast. p.194.

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