Wreck of the Schooner Mollie



Twas on a drear December night
The Schooner Mollie was lost
With all her crew and cargo too,
Mid snow and wind and frost

Our from St. John’s to Carmanville
Their home in Notre Dame Bay
A sturdy schooner and her crew
Was lost in Trinity Bay

Captain Ross Chaulk, a fine young man
The Captain of his ship
While Otto Hicks, his boyhood friend
Decided to take a trip.

Now, Otto had been overseas
The Navy was his choice
And he came home to spend some time
The wild sea took his life.

Mr. Goodyear and his two sons
Also comprised the crew
But they too met a watery grave
Near Grates Cove – this is true.

The sea was rough, but kind friends prayed
And a calm came from above
Stout men searched the wild sea
For the crew, with hearts of love

All rescued from the angry sea,
Their bodies sent home once more
So when the sea gives up its dead
We’ll meet on heaven’s shore.

Lyrics from Halley, p84

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